SURGEON is a company founded by expert physicians committed to providing the best-in-class care to its international patients. Thanks to SURGEON’S association with Geneva’s exclusive private clinics, the SURGEON team is committed to provide state-of-the art surgical care. All appointments will be handled in full discretion and according to the highest standards of medical care. In advance of speaking with one of our expert physicians, the patient will have to complete a health questionnaire. The appointed surgeon will personally evaluate and assess the patient’s medical condition and directly follow-up.

All tests and exams where required, will be carried out on site and expeditiously. Following the procedure, the patient will receive his or her medical report detailing all aspects of the operation such that the patient can make educated decisions regarding his or her surgical intervention.




A patient will likely have many questions when confronted with a health issue or before deciding on a specific surgical procedure. Most often, the patient will want to figure out what is the best therapy for him or her and will ask for a second opinion to help make an educated decision on the best path forward. 

The SURGEON team is here to assist the patient and provide guidance and insight on the various alternatives he or she has. Our physician experts will explain the risks associated with the recommended procedure and seek to allay any concerns the patient may have. A second opinion may be a valuable option in trying to figure out what best to do.



Switzerland is a country which takes pride in the beauty of its landscapes, the quality of its infrastructure, and the efficiency of its services. Likewise, the country has for many centuries placed a premium on discretion and privacy. As a result, the wealthy have journeyed to cities like Geneva to live far away from the stalking eyes of paparazzi yet enjoying some of the world’s highest standards of living.

Just as Switzerland places a premium on privacy, SURGEON is committed to treating your stay with the utmost discretion and your relationship with the founding surgeons will be held to the Swiss high-standards of confidentiality.




In addition to ensuring best-in-class medical care, SURGEON may provide assistance in organizing all non- medical aspects of your stay in Geneva. These services include providing administrative support related to any paperwork and other formalities that need to be completed. Similarly, our services will cover all logistical aspects of your trip from your arrival in Switzerland through to your departure back home. Our support services will cover all aspects of your trip including transportation, interpreter and accommodation in one of Geneva’s fine hotels. Detailed planning for your visit will be arranged by a SURGEON coordinator who will be responsible for meeting the specific demands of our international and multicultural patient base.