How much does SurgeON online medical second opinion cost?
And how can you proceed with your order and payment?

The cost to receive the SurgeON online medical second opinion as a digital dossier is CHF 500.00. If a pathology review is required to complete your online medical second opinion (as is the case in most cancer-related diagnoses), or if SurgeON needs to involve more than one expert there will be an additional charge of CHF 250.00 per involved expert.

A video call service to talk directly with your private surgeon is also available upon request. Please contact us for more details at:

Since SurgeON SA does not accept cash payment for this service, you have a few payment options:

  • CREDIT CARD*: You can pay with any of the main credit cards (MasterCard, Visa and American Express).**
  • DIRECT TRANSFER: You can pay by direct bank transfer**

If you are interested to obtain a SurgeON second opinion please email us directly to arrange a document exchange and/or fill out a Patient Information Form. We will come back to you within 24h.

*To proceed immediately with your credit card online payment, please use our SIX secure payment method:

** You can expect to receive your online medical second opinion dossier within 48 hours after we have received: i) your payment and; ii) all personal medical information required to be able to provide a detailed digital medical dossier.